Taking Command of Design

At the heart of this design studio, our primary focus revolves around the art of brand building and design. Essentially, we’re a team that embodies both creative and analytical thinking, equipped to transform your ideas into vibrant realities. Here’s a glimpse into the 5 main ways we’re poised to lend a hand:

#1. Comprehensive Branding
#2. Strategic Design
#3. Innovative Solutions
#4. Collaborative Approach and
#5. Client-Centric Service.

In a nutshell, we’re here to turn your creative aspirations into reality by combining our artistic flair with strategic thinking.

branding & visual identity

First impressions are lasting impressions. Let us help you set yourself apart to make your mark and spark.

collateral & package design

From the concept and design process to finding a printer and establishing a valued relationship with a supplier, we have solutions for all your printing needs.

web design & hosting

Our websites are more about the end results than just good looks. We develop + design sites optimized to sell and be seen.


It takes a lot of different resources to create an engaging brand and/or online presence. 

Our venturesome abilities and vision help ensure you get your desired results.


Branding is important for every company to set itself apart from the competition. 

We understand your brand matters and when implemented correctly, will help your business achieve insurmountable heights.


With 12+ years of experience we believe by partnering with us, you are partnering with highly-skilled professionals.


As the owner and founder of C Monica Design Studio. I lead a multidisciplinary design studio with a deep commitment to empowering fellow entrepreneurs. Through impactful branding. My team and I are dedicated to helping our clients leverage the voices of their businesses and brand. Set to effect positive change in the world through thoughtful design.

In simple terms, I wholeheartedly believe in the importance and value of creativity. My solutions are designed to meet today’s needs. While considering their lasting impact on tomorrow.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with clients from all corners of the globe. Ranging from budding startups to mid-sized enterprises. If you’re in search of assistance in establishing a brand with a lasting influence. I’m here to support you every step of the way.

Need a little more persuasion? Here are three quick and awesome reasons to go with C Monica Design.

The Team

Introducing our dynamic duo – a small but incredibly talented team that’s ready to bring your project to life with a blend of skill, enthusiasm, and a whole lot of heart! My mission? To create work that not only meets but totally blows away your expectations!

Monica Cevallos

Monica Cevallos

Founder + Lead Designer

Monica’s passion for polished and professional branding + design lead to the creation of C Monica Design™.

When she is not taking the lead here, you can find her reading, drawing, or practicing her photography skills and who practices, obsessively so, on her miniature dachshund (wiener dog) or spending lazy afternoons with her beloved niece.

In addition, she has founded and runs other creative ventures: Sniff Design Basics the sister website of Sniff Design®. And Pretty Present – a home-based custom gift wrapping boutique and industry business consultant.

Put simply, she’s a creative addict.

Lana Phillips

Lana Phillips

Software Engineer

Lana has been known to spend endless hours on the computer just for fun—she is a true code guru whose work, determination, and reputation is unparalleled.

When not being held prisoner here at C Monica Design, Lana can be found perusing Tutsplus, binge-watching shows on Netflix, or gaming with her hubby. First and foremost, Lana is a major animal lover and on any given day you can find her at home serving snuggling her four cats: Jack, Eeyore, Mr. Owl, and her newest addition, Cali.

Last but not least, Lana has also founded/co-founded three other businesses: Work From Haus, SniffThis Shop and PawAgree.

Ms Mia

Ms Mia

Head of PR

Mia, our in-house puppy is so sweet that after meeting her, you may have to go on a diet.

Mia arrived in December of 2015 at the tender age of 6 months. Mia is a  wired haired miniature dachshund (SQEAL!). She’s also a rescue from Florence Humane Society.

Mia is a lively, delightfully playful and very very intelligent puppy who has become our newest muse. Mia’s name in Hebrew means beloved. It also means ‘mine’. She IS the welcome wagon and will lovingly lick you accordingly.

Best of all? She looks just like a Jim Henson Muppet and we think she may be part Ewok too.

Get to Know More About Monica

Wanna learn more? Find out about her all American life story, why she’s doxie crazed and how this studio came to be…

Entrepreneurial Extras

As creative addicts here are few other entrepreneurial pursuits we’re proud to have co-founded.

A Business Building Tip for You

In this age of ever-evolving technology. Building a website has become more accessible. Alas, I firmly believe in the value of hiring a professional.

I’ve put together a brief video to assist you in making an informed decision. I understand how busy life can be, so why tackle something that might end up leaving you less than satisfied?

So, take a moment to view this presentation on why DIY website builders are DYI (Do Yourself In) Bummers.