MY VIDEO - Oh yeah!

Somehow I biffed on making my video too small, but hopefully you can see it. Hee! (I’m a dork)

Some bragasaurus stats - with a reason! 😉

Pinterest  = 21K+ for Sniff Design

Facebook = 2,400+ for Sniff Design

Instagram = 550+ for Sniff Design (a new account – yep, am late to the Insta game. Hee!)

*So these were added to ONLY further my reasoning for wanting to express the importance and impact a professional brand can bring to one’s business. In working to build my own branding for my niche design studio,  I have garnered a steady audience using these ‘borrowed platforms’, with the aim of directing traffic right back to my web site(s).

You see, one of the most lovely things about a polished brand (and my desire to build them for businesses), is that it WILL help draw in the target audience of choice. And will also, in part, translate into followers and their desire to stay connected because the message and/or service being offered, is personalized, inviting and attractive.