I work from home full time. I wouldn’t have it any other way. You could even say that I am living ‘the dream’. Well, actually this here little dream is 3 fold.

 1.]  I get to work from home, so my morning commutes are about 2 seconds flat. (closer to 5-6 seconds if I’m extra sleepy and fumbling about)

2.]  I am the boss and as result, I get to call all of the shots…which leads to point 3.

3.]  I get to decorate my work space any way I want.

As a creative, my work space is of the up most importance. Not only do I want to be surrounded by pretty and functional ‘design y’ things but I relish in it and I find daily inspiration in it. It’s taken me several yeas to have come up and decorate my home office; mainly because I have a limited budget. Of course there are a few items that I have splurged on.

I’m also a DIY gal and many of the items (namely furniture) that I have, are second hand purchases or were given to me and I refurbished them. This really allowed me to fully express my creatively apart from the computer (my normal tool of choice),  in that I was able to really define my office’s style. So, how to describe it? Hmmm…Id’ say that it’s a home office modeled after the 1940’s, with a touch of French flair combined with industrial design and an added dose of vintage farm style. Ha! Yes, my office is all of those things and more. In fact, I’ve included a mini gallery to show. After all, a picture is worth so much more. And what’s more, here is a link to one of my favorite place to find and store images that inspire me to continue in my creative process for my home office: C Monica Pin!

Oh! And last but certainly not least, that little muppet of a dog you see there is Mia. She is my new rescue mini wired haired dachshund puppy that I got in late November. She is my muse, my little love and delightful pest.