Julia Journals Mid-Century Themed Pre-Made Branding Kit


Colorful and reminiscent of an era gone by when typewriters were heard as the tool of choice for journalistic endeavors. This brand embodies the era of mid-century mod for this pre-made branding identity. Perfect for an entrepreneur who favors classic iconography combined with retro colors and whimsical shapes.

With this pre-made branding kit. It’s not just a smart financial choice; it’s your ticket to having a stylish edge over your competition in the field. Here are 3 quick reasons why:

Nostalgic Beauty: Imagine a brand that’s bursting with color and nostalgia, taking you back to the days when typewriters were all the rage in journalism. Our pre-made branding kit captures the essence of the mid-century mod era, mixing classic design with retro vibes and playful shapes. It’s the perfect choice for anyone who digs the charm of the good ol’ days.

Aesthetic Excellence: With this branding kit, you’ll effortlessly rock a sleek design with a touch of whimsy. It’s not just about having a brand; it’s about having a brand that totally stands out and oozes creativity. It’s your chance to make a professional statement that’s as unique as YOU are.

The Competitive Edge: In today’s fast-paced world, having an edge over your competition is key. Our pre-made branding kit gives you exactly that. Your brand will be unforgettable and iconic, pulling in customers and clients with its unforgettable charm.

Invest in this timelessly elegant pre-made branding kit today and let it tell & show YOUR story.

How about a sneak peek? Preview the logo for this pre-made branding kit with your business name to see how it will look before you purchase. You will only receive a preview of the logo. You’ll have the preview within 24-48 hours, and often even sooner on business days.


  • Main Logo
  • Sub-Mark Logo
  • Business Card ( 2 Sided)
  • Style Board
  • A link to download the fonts
  • Branding Pattern
  • 1 revision round of finalizing the branding kit with your business name and corresponding contact info.


Pay a deposit of $399.00 per item

Main Logo & Sub Mark Logo =

You will receive the following design industry-based files:

  • 1 SVG press-ready file (CMYK) | Logo & Sub Mark
    This file is perfect for sending to a professional printer, online or local. It’s in CMYK color format.
    And will therefore not be compatible with in-home/home office use.
  • 1 High Res PNG file (RGB) | Logo & Sub Mark
    This file is designed for printing on your home inkjet printer using RGB color format. Additionally, it’s compatible for uploading to Canva to further enhance your branding. (https://www.canva.com)
    This file is not suitable for professional printer use.

2 Sided Business Card =

You will receive the following:

  • 1 Canva template file (print-ready)
    This is a Canva template file with an online link. You will be able to easily edit and/or update it. You’ll also be able to use this same file to send into Canva for professional printing and shipping. So easy!

Branding Pattern =

You will receive the following:

  • 1 SVG press-ready file (CMYK)
    This file is perfect for sending to a professional printer, online or local. It’s in CMYK color format.
    And will therefore not be compatible with in-home/home office use.
  • 1 SVG press-ready file (RGB)
    This file is designed for printing on your home inkjet printer using RGB color format. Additionally, it’s compatible for uploading to Canva to further enhance your branding. (https://www.canva.com)

Style Branding Board (Mood Board) =

You will receive the following:

  • 1 High-Resolution PDF file
    You will receive a high-resolution PDF file. This style board will serve as your visual reference to maintain a professional, cohesive, clean, and coherent new branding.

Have C Monica Design Studio Continue Expanding My New Brand =

I’d be happy to continue supporting you with a range of custom design services that can complement your newly acquired business brand. This includes custom website and blog design. Need eye-catching social media graphics? I can create a matching set as official Canva templates that you can easily edit and reuse. How convenient is that? Feel free to reach out to me today!

Main Logo = The main logo design for your business. Best used when you want the full mark and business name to be seen and read.

Sub Mark Logo = A stripped down version of your main logo. Best used when you need to quickly communicate your brand. Also, commonly used online and on social media to help your audience quickly identify you.

2 Sided Business Card = The front side is kept beautifully decorative in order to quickly draw the attention of your audience, while second side contains the specified contact info.

Style Branding Board (Mood Board) = This will be the combination of images, fonts, colors, and textures to help define the overall look + style of the new brand. This is a powerful asset to help you keep the new branding to remain clear, concise and most important…consistent.

At the time of your purchase:

  • A down payment of $399 is payable upfront. This helps to ensure and authenticate your purchase. This down payment is non-refundable in the event you cancel the initial order.
  • Please include your business name the way you would like it to display in the logo and business cards for the pre-made branding kit proof.
  • If the pre-made logo is in all CAPS, then your business name will also be in all caps.
  • Next, (within 24 business hours or less), I will send you a PDF preview of the newly ordered logo and business cards with your business name in place to review and approve.

At the time of completion:

  • Upon approval the remaining sum of $300 will be payable via invoice.
  • Once the final payment is received and cleared, I will then email you a paid invoice for the completed order.
  • You will then be emailed a completed set of files for your new branding kit. Once received, please sure to back up these files.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept most major credit and/or debit cards.

Standard License – (Retire This Branding Kit) =

This license gives you exclusive use. Yay! In other words, once you’ve purchased the kit, we will remove it from the online store.

You may not claim trademark, copyright or intellectual property rights for C Monica Design, pre-made branding kits and/or logo and business resource designs. Therefore you agree to only use the pre-made branding kit solely for your own business. You are also not allowed to ever resell the purchased work or allow another person or business to use it.

If you cease to use the pre-made branding kit and/or make any design alterations or hire any 3rd party to alter and make major design changes to the branding kit you immediately forfeit the exclusive and licensed right to use it and the pre-made branding kit will be added back to this online shop and re-licensed, (resold).

Ownership – (Own My Branding Kit) =

Want to have your new pre-made branding kit all to yourself? FOREVER AND EVER? This option will transfer the complete intellectual ownership (copyright) over to you. The pre-made item will also be permanently removed from our shop.

Once full payment has been received for the transfer of ownership you may change/alter it as you see fit, or make and kind of design modifications to it, etc.

You may also then legally make a claim of trademark, copyright and/or intellectual property ownership. It’s all yours. Sweet!