Juiceman, an award-winning purveyor of cold, unpasteurized juices, nut milks, tonics, shots, and cleanses. Embarking on a new and creative direction. They asked us to revamp their branding. To be not only unique, but to also reflect. Their commitment to handcrafting every aspect of their products. From seed to bottle.

The challenge was to infuse their existing modern and rugged aesthetic. With a fresh, contemporary twist. I began by designing a custom logo. That encapsulated the essence of their handcrafted goodness.

In addition to the logo. I also extended their branding to their brochures. Serving as a visual and an informative resource for their clientele. Last but not least. I designed a single landing page. That worked to both welcome and introduce visitors to the world of Juiceman.

In essence, Juiceman’s reimagined branding journey harmoniously blended their rugged authenticity. With a modern, delectable twist. Ensuring their brand was as enticing as their handcrafted products.

Branding Collection Includes

Logo Design
Landing Page


Logo Design
Web Design



Logo design for juice manufacturer by C Monica Design
Custom landing page design for juice manufacturer by C Monica Design
Brochure design for juice manufacturer by C Monica Design

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