Tammy Whitehurst

Tammy Whitehurst

Meet Tammy Whitehurst, the vibrant author, blogger. And Christian motivational dynamo hailing from Longview, Texas.

With a penchant for all things fuchsia pink and leopard print. We embarked on a design odyssey to create a logo and brand. That encapsulated these vivacious elements, without sacrificing clean and bold aesthetics. As a cherry on top, we immortalized her iconic red glasses within her logo and secondary mark. Our design escapade didn’t stop there. We whisked her website into the 21st century, harmonizing her brand. With a lively color palette. Juxtaposed with elegant blacks and captivating photos of Tammy. All tied together with gilded accents. This transformation not only elevated her branding. It elevated her online presence from ordinary to extraordinary.

Branding Collection Includes

Logo Design
Sub Mark
Branding Color Palette
Website Design + Development


Logo Design
Web Design


Motivational Speaker

Branding and website design for Tammy Whitehurst by C Monica Design

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