VegNews Mag, the top-dog in the vegan lifestyle world. Boasting countless awards and a global readership of 250,000+ across 38 countries since its 2000 debut. Came knocking at our door for a custom invitation with a twist.
They needed to unveil their brainchild, the VegNews Network, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and they needed it pronto. With cost-consciousness and speed as our compass, we chose a dynamic duo of utilizing black and white for a stricking and unexpected combo. And the ink of choice for this custom printed inviated was 100% soy ink.
The result? A bespoke invitation that not only impressed our client and its recipients. But also served as a source of great satisfaction for our design studio. We take pride in being a significant contributor. To the successful launch of a cause that holds profound significance for our client.
When it comes to design, we are the professionals who deliver results.

Project Details

5 Piece Singe Color Invitation
Specialty Ink = Soy


Print Design


Magazine Publishing

5 Piece Single Color Invitation Design for VegNews by C Monica Design Studio

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